Core Values

Radiant Health and Healing 

We believe everyone deserves to radiate vibrant health in their physical, emotional & energetic bodies so they can achieve harmony inside and out. 

The Beauty of Self-Expression 

We know that when physical, emotional and energetic health are aligned, confident self-expression is a natural state of being. We celebrate this by providing products and services to support each person’s unique path. 

Honoring Ancient Wisdom and Modern Practices 

We believe in the power of wisdom from a wealth of sources. When you visit VIDA Wellness Boutique, you are coming home to ancient healing wisdom integrated with state of the art techniques. 


We believe that when you are joyful, you are expressing your most beautiful self. Let your light shine!


Vida means “Life” and we are here to support your radiant life through healing of the physical, emotional and energetic body. We believe in an integrative approach that blends ancient healing and modern practices, providing every person who enters our doors with a unique concierge experience that sustains self-care, personal growth and a toxin free lifestyle.


To create a space for physical, emotional and energetic healing.

VIDA Wellness Boutique is led, owned and operated by Dr. Michelle Massa, DC. 
Dr. Michelle Massa is a chiropractor and leads VIDA Wellness Boutique with her professional training, a wealth of knowledge on holistic products & services, and business experience of 20 years in the wellness industry. Dr. Massa has been a wellness professional since 1998 specializing in fitness & nutrition and has been a chiropractor since 2007 focusing on full body restoration, regenerative health, anti-aging & beauty. 
Dr. Massa has her training from Life Chiropractic College West. She lectures and teaches internationally on chiropractic & self-development.
Rachel Free is an Intuitive Healer and Energy Worker. She specializes in healing past life pain and clearing outdated energetic patterns. Rachel has the ability to blend many energetic and physical tools giving you a customized healing specific to you and what you need right now. She understands everyone is at a different place in life‘s journey, so she meets you where you are and offers you guidance and tools so you can move confidently forward in life.
Adelle Cooper is a certified Massage Therapist specializing in therapeutic massage. She has a vast array of knowledge in both Eastern and Western massage. Each session is personalized to the client while working to address their concerns and have them feeling their best.