Vida means “Life” and we are here to support your radiant life through Chiropractic, Functional Nutrition, Massage & Oxygen.

Chiropractic care is a natural & holistic way to regain alignment and nervous system balance. 

Functional Nutrition at Vida includes Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and we use Standard Process supplements. 

Our Vida Signature Massage is a specialized technique designed to decrease inflammation and increase circulation. Our Vida Therapeutic Massage allows for any specialty technique needed. 

The air we breathe only contains about 21% oxygen, but Oxygen Bars are able to produce up to 95% pure air by filtering out unnecessary atmospheric gases that attach to room air. You can stop in for an Oxygen Bar session to refresh & rehydrate. 

We believe in an integrative approach that blends chiropractic care, massage therapy and oxygen therapy providing every person who enters our doors with a unique concierge experience that sustains self-care, personal growth and a toxin free lifestyle.

Vida Team

Meet our team of experienced bodyworkers.