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Dr. Michelle Massa is a chiropractor, speaker & chiropractic educator of Peruvian & Salvadorian descent.

She was raised in Miami, FL and currently practices in the Bay Area of California.

Vida Wellness Boutique was founded in the charming town of Danville, California in 2020. Although the timing was offbeat, there is no better home for Vida. Dr. Massa has been a Danville resident since 2004 and loves living & working locally.

She is the Founder and Chair of the Latin American Chiropractic Association which is a non-profit organization which provides scholarship programs to chiropractic students of Latin American descent. 


A 2007 graduate of Life Chiropractic College West,

Dr. Massa has been a chiropractic educator since 2015. She delights classes so they can open their eyes to new ways of analytical thought and creative patient care.  

Dr. Massa has taught students, interns and chiropractors in continuing education and specializes in teaching History, Exam, Diagnosis & Technique. 

As a female Latin American Chiropractic leader in the profession, Dr. Massa is passionate about empowering other Latina chiropractors in their careers and supporting them in creating a legacy of generational chiropractic families.  

Dr. Michelle Massa, DC videos

Dr. Michelle Massa, DC videos

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